GtW: Symmetra Rework, Venom Trailer, Cry Closet, and more!

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This week, Brogan and Xavier talk about Symmetra’s new hero type rework, Quantic Dreams working condition controversy, the announcement of PUBG’s first major e-sports tournament, the Danish Netflix original The Rain, Sony’s official trailer for Venom, lawsuits against Set TV’s copyright infringing content, rumors surrounding NVidia’s new graphics card, a hardware bug in the Nintendo Switch, the existence of a new DNA structure, and the cry closet that went viral at the University of Utah.

Game Links:
Symmetra’s Rework
Quantic Dream controversy
PUBG tournament

Movies & TV:
“The Rain”
Venom Trailer
SetTV copyright infringement

Tech Links:
Nvidia leaks
Nintendo Switch bug

Science Links:
New DNA structure

U of U Cry Closet

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