Otako’clock Episode 5: School Anime

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Today our hosts discuss the omnipresence of school anime as a setting or plot device– and why they’re so common! We discuss demographics and marketing, as well as Japanese nostalgia for the days of school. We look at why, of middle school, high school, and university, high school is the favorite school choice. Then, our hosts explain why this setting appeals to people across cultures and countries as an archetype, and the feelings school as a setting invoke in many people.

Then, we dive deep into anime history to look at the origins of why this setting has become overwhelmingly dominant, thanks largely to the school “setting” becoming a genre– the school anime genre, as it’s uncreatively known. Why did the archetype turn into a genre, and what’s the difference between school dramas and school comedies/Slices-of-life? Find out here!

Then, join us as we attempt to name characters purely based off of the school genre stereotypes that are so common in these anime.

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