The Sci-Kick Episode 1: The Adventures of Antibiotics!

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Welcome to The Sci-Kick, The Geekwave’s new Science Vlog! Hosted by our very own Allie Ogilvie, the Sci-Kick is an entertaining and educational vlog, where you can go to learn all about science! In the coming months, we hope to have all sorts of content for this blog, including scientific explanations, interviews with local researchers, and even science experiments that you may or may not be able to do at home.

In the first episode, Allie talks all about Antibiotics! Have you ever wondered what an antibiotic is? Well, to be frank it started as a germ. Or mold. Which ever way you look at it, that’s crazy right? Allie tells us all about how antibiotics were discovered, how they’ve been improved over the years, and why they seem to not work well anymore.

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