Cosplay at 2019 Salt Lake City FanX

Ray Gill

An Closer Look at Cosplaying at Salt Lake City FanX

As disorganized as Salt Lake City’s FanX — formerly known as Salt Lake Comic Con — can be, going to the event to either show off a cosplay that you might’ve worked hard on or going to see other’s cosplays are definitive perks. People flock to attend the largest event of its kind nationally. For the majority of cosplayers, days before the convention, cramming to get work done in time is part of the culture. The convention cram is something that I can personally attest to. This experience makes observing other’s cosplays all-the-while since you know what it must’ve taken to get their work accomplished.  

Like in an article I previously wrote, cosplay is all about fun. The work put in is for the love of whichever character, beast, or inanimate object you choose to portray. Those may want their costume to be as precise as possible, while others may go with a casual version such as wearing a character’s wig in street clothes. Cosplay is for those of any age. People may go with an original character, chose one that they best resemble such as an almost identical Starlord from “Avengers: Endgame,” or just use the same outfit they do every year. Some of the best were when families do a group cosplay together or parents dress their children up, even strollers. 

FanX brings an overwhelming gathering that it’s difficult to take in everything. There wasn’t enough time to find every cosplayer in order to take their photos. Usually onlookers like to show their appreciation while others scoff at how much a person may be exposed. Even some passersby have little to no regard for a cosplayer’s outfit. A little girl dressed in a handmade Charizard outfit had her tail almost completely torn off by some fellow blatantly walking too close and continuing on without an apology. He neither seemed in a rush nor in a crowd of people. The girl’s mother, dressed as Ash from Pokémon, was able to fix the tail with some help, luckily.   

Since the convention is so large, it attracts various people from all over. Attending FanX leads to possible opportunities for those in any business related to art, crafts, electronics, entertainment, cosplay, and so forth. Advertising your own or others’ creations lends to curiosity from viewers who want to know how it was made or would like custom work done. 

One couple, at least, had nearby people’s attention as they recollected the car accident they were in on the way to Salt Lake City. Just hours before the event, some equipment was damaged leading the couple to have to make do with what survived. The story explained why Boba Fett was sporting his armor less a helmet. Their misfortune was only brought up when they were asked about how they made their armor, working lights and all which accumulated some followers.    

If a cosplayer makes their outfit by hand — usually a minimum of 70% — their hard work can be appreciated by an audience and judges in FanX’s cosplay contest. Contests are where cosplayers committed overt time, sweat, and money striving to win recognition and possible awards. If you want to view skilled craftsmanship and beautiful renditions of characters or objects from books, television, movies or games, attending contests are a must. Though, not all compete. As stated before, cosplay is for fun. So you’ll have to mosey about in order to come across some treasure. 

Salt Lake FanX is truly a great experience that happens once or twice a year with fall being the biggest turnout. Participation in what the event harbors offers a range of nerdom that anyone can enjoy, even as just a spectator. Cosplay is a large part of events like this. Those who partake bring to life, a world that is unlike any other.