October 2019 Game Releases


Courtesy of Polygon

Sony’s remake of 1998’s “MediEvil” has improved graphics and a better camera. Making the game more fun for players.

Ray Gill, Student Writer

For those of you who are still looking for a good game to play in 2019, you’ve come to the right place. This year has been lackluster for games, not supplying enough of what every gamer wants. Even with triple-a title releases such as “Borderlands 3” to indie develops like the “Untitled Goose Game,” they’re not games that are for every kind of player. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and collected 2019’s end of year title’s that will have a playstyle for anyone.

With “Destiny 2” out for free, players were excited to play and would be more inclined to pay-to-play any DLCs. However, the DLC, “Shadowkeep,” which was supposed to be released on the first of this month has yet to be available. Bungie may be taking advantage of their freedom from Activision by trying not to push anything that isn’t ready. So we’re looking forward to see what is to come.

Ubisoft hasn’t had a welcoming start with their open-world first person shooter, “Ghost Recon Breakpoint,” released on October 4th, by players and critics. “Ghost Recon Wildlands,” their previous open-world version had bombed in criticism. The similarities between “Breakpoint” and its predecessor has dubbed “Breakpoint” as “Wilands 2” or “Wild 2.”   

Pixelopus just released what looks like a beautiful mixture of artistry and creativity by exploring a hometown of a troubled teen in “Concrete Genie.” This isn’t your “Life is Strange” type-game, but more of a nod to the story of Milton in “What Remains of Edith Finch” and the creatures from “Where the Wild Things Are.” For its short play time and easy task mechanics, it might be worth checking out for its relatable story and freedom to design. Available only on the PS4.

“WWE 2K20” may be a game changer for the series with Visual Concepts taking charge of the game’s development. Show Case mode will feature four horse women and focus on objective-driven matches that rings similar to a “Mortal Kombat” series story mode. Women wrestlers will also be playable in MyCareer mode. A first for WWE 2K games, players will be able to mix female-and-male in tag team matches. Look forward to it’s release on the 24th. 

Those familiar to the Realism mode in “Rainbow 6 Siege” (R6S) will feel right at home with the Team DeathMatch Realism mode in “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.” This mode allows for any weapon to become a one-shot headshot mechanic while relying on no User Interface. What’s new to come, with much resistance from “Call of Duty” fans is the skill-based matchmaking. Something that is also seen in “R6S.” “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” will come out on October 25.

We’ll be receiving two more games on the 25th. Just in time for Halloween, “MediEvil” makes a return in a PS4 remake. Came out in 1998, this silly hack and slash adventure-game has gotten a much needed upgrade to its camera. It’s camera was the biggest complaint in the original, so this improvement makes for a better overall experience.

“The Outer Worlds” is the third game to be released on October 25. Since its Kickstarter campaign, controversy with Obsidian Entertainment’s decisions have plagued a majority of the game’s development. Despite the hate, “The Outer Worlds” is proposed to do what “No Man’s Sky” sought to do in its early days, but with a “Fall Out” feel. So far, critics are impressed.  

Lastly, “Luigi’s Mansion 3” will boo ready on Halloween after waiting six years for an addition to the series. Luigi’s got an all new vacuum and new moves. Can you help save Mario after a vacation turns spooky?

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