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Ray Gill, Student Writer

Warning: May contain spoilers for “Reventure.”

Are you tired of playing games that have you run around while easily completing quest after quest? What about running through the same storyline with no choice in your adventure? Well, look no further for a game free of these. “Reventure” is a choose your own adventure game that will leave you laughing on every play through, because that’s the name of the game.

100 Different Endings

In this “The Legend of Zelda” — or regularly referred to just as “Zelda” — style game, you wake up in your home called to a new adventure. Though, it is up to the player to choose: Do you accept the quest you’re given or ignore it? Do you take the one pulling you away from your linear quest or remain on it? Do you go left or right? Do you even get out of bed? These questions are all up to you in this game that packs a 100 different endings into one pixelated conquest. You can choose every step, jump, and swing of your sword through every area. Each decision will give you a different result. 

Courtesy of Pixelatto
Adventure Gallery shows the 100 different adventure endings for “Reventure.”

In this game of laughs, you will struggle to find some well-hidden endings and you’ll definitely be searching for them. You will be trying to get every outcome since each ending is completely unique, unexpected, and not at all similar to the last. With each find, you’ll fill an Adventure Gallery screen which tracks your process to the 100th adventure. More than likely, you will fill up most of this before you end up actually saving the princess, struggling through each area as you get distracted by the need to check out a new path. 

Not Another “Zelda” Clone 

“Reventure” definitely fell into the “Zelda” vat before leaving production, giving you the bit textured look of the original games with the midi sounding music to accompany it. The game even goes as far as to throw you in a green tunic and hand you a “Sword of Legend” for your adventures. Even with all the tell-tale signs, though, the game doesn’t feel like a “Zelda” clone. It does it more with a feeling of nostalgia rather than a straight copy. Both games use similar mechanics to help you quickly get a feel for the movement and playstyle, but it plays so differently.

Courtesy of Pixelatto
No area is limited. Just like in a “Zelda” type game, adventuring takes you into different elements in the world.

Dying is the Name of the Game

Each area has its own puzzles, items to acquire, non-player characters, and so forth that affects the story even down to your own character. There’s a lot of dying, it’s just part of the game. Depending on how your character dies, he recovers in odd ways or even replaced by a whole other character. The narration of the game doesn’t hold back on telling you how you were either close, dumb, or just down right neglectful in how you played your character. Such choice in story style rings of the mocking narrator in “Half-Life’s” spin-off, “The Stanley Parable.”

Secrets lie in areas that you were just in or require items that you just found elsewhere in order to continue that path. But watch out as some things may not be as they seem. The artwork, though very retro in style, uses more natural looking palettes than overstaturing. This keeps with the “Zelda” theme.

Courtesy of Pixelatto
“Reventure” has characters with attitude.

Verdict 11/10 

“Reventure is a game that will keep you coming back to play, with its interesting gameplay and endings. For anyone who has played retro games in the past, especially side scrollers or any “Zelda” style game, you will absolutely love everything about this game, but if that wasn’t enough you will definitely come back for the laughs. “Reventure” released for the Nintendo Switch by Pixelatto on the 10th of October with a hundred-percent rating on Steam for the PC. 

Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch

Stores: Steam , GOG

Languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, German, Japanese, French, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Italian

Genre: Platformer, Puzzle, Adventure

Similar Games: “The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening,” “Gato Roboto,” “Steel Sword Story,” “And All Would Cry Beware!” and “The Stanley Parable.”

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