FanX Prep – What You Need to Know!


Skyler Sybounmy

FanX is right around the corner, and we’d like to give you some updates and especially tips on everything you should be prepared with! 

As with any convention, be prepared to be packed in tight spaces with loooooots of people, so definitely bring a mask and even some hand sanitizer. In other news, the first thing any visitor should do is to plan out the day before getting to FanX. Panels, photo ops, walking the vendor, and artist floors are all amazing opportunities to have an unforgettable experience!

Plan out your day

That is BEFORE getting to the convention center. Some ideas to get you started are:

  • Bring lots of water! More than you think you’ll need because conventions can get hot and sweaty.
  • Pack snacks to quell hunger quickly, but be mindful of lunchtime!
  • Plan your lunch spot. Check the open and closing times, and get there early or late. Lines swell up easily at large conventions.
  • On-site lunch locations can be pricey
  • Local restaurants nearby and catering vehicles provide an excellent way to support local businesses while grabbing a tasty bite to eat!
  • Walk the Vendor Floor to buy anything from comics to t-shirts to collectible memorabilia! Check out the list to plan ahead here.
  • In addition to the Vendor Floor, Artist’s Alley is open to everyone! Everything from wonderful local artists as well as nationally recognized creatives. The Vendor Floor and Artist’s Alley share the same list, so check the list again here and check out the map for their locations!
  • Budget your days if you are at FanX for more than one. Walking the Vendor Floor and Artist Alley can be tempting on the wallet, but make sure you can spend some money each day!

For cosplayers

Here are a couple things to make sure you remember:

  • Your costume! It may seem silly, but Murphy’s Law will always apply. Double and triple check that each piece of your costume is with you, and even consider packing loose parts into your preferred mode of transport beforehand.
  • Read and re-read the rules regarding what you’re allowed to bring into the convention. Cosplay rules and guidelines are here to help everyone have a flawless experience. Check them out here 

Other Things!

In addition to planning ahead, definitely check out some of the cool things happening this year, including an entire Tabletop Games room with events including Pathfinder, DnD, Cthulhu, and more.

Are you bringing young ones to the event? KidCon is here for you! Activities with science, LEGO, video games, and even the Utah County Flute Choir await!

Feeling silly? We hear that sometimes, a horde of Deadpool roams the halls…

There’s something for everyone at FanX this year, so check it out! Registration times at the convention center for walk-ins can be found right here!

Oh, and one last thing. DON’T FORGET YOUR WRISTBAND!!!!