Review – Kerbal Space Program 2 (Early Access)


Ronny Hammond






Are you ready to go where no Kerbal has gone before? For thousands of years human beings have wondered what was out there, and they have pondered the question. Are we meant to traverse the stars? Well here with Kerbal Space Program 2 the team at Intercept Games answer that with a resounding yes. Kerbal Space Program 2 is not just a fun space exploration sequel to the franchise. It is a game that actively invites people to think about space and find the fun in failure. I was lucky enough to get a code for the Early Access release of KSP2. Here is my review.


So what is the goal in Kerbal Space Program 2? The goal is to get to space by any means possible. You do this by building the rocket yourself and relying on science (with a bit of luck) to get you there. When you start Kerbal Space Program 2 you are met with a fun tutorial video that explains the basics. These tutorials are new to the franchise and a hugely welcome addition. With them the Kerbal franchise turns into a learning experience for new players. Intercept Games makes the subject of space travel an acceptable one. Have you ever heard the saying “it’s not rocket science” well in KSP2 it is. However a strength of the game is that it makes it something fun and exciting.

The first thing you do in KSP2 is build a rocket. If you have played KSP1 then you will feel right at home. Here KSP2 has improved on its predecessor by streamlining the rocket building process without losing any of its complexity. You will snap together different parts to make a rocket or plane that (hopefully) gets you off the ground and into space. Many new additions to the building process make the process a great one. An example of this is a tool that lets you know if you have enough fuel to make it to certain celestial bodies.

Flight UI has also been revamped which helps make flying the rocket even easier in the game. However, one spot where I feel the game hasn’t improved is plane building which remains just as frustrating as ever. In KSP1 planes were known to most players as something you would have to spend potential hours messing with to get working. Here in KSP2 the developers made it a point to help remedy this by streamlining the process for planes. However it’s still not enough to fix the plane building.

In Kerbal Space Program 2 you will fail. A lot. Like crash and burn failure and that’s okay as it’s the only way you’ll ever get the Kerbals where you want them to go. On one of my first flights I lost all control midway through and sent my rocket, and poor Bill Kerman, crashing down towards Kerbal. I won’t say what fate awaited the rocket and Bill (it’s not pretty) but the message I’m trying to convey is that in KSP2 failure is part of the fun. This game has an inherit understanding of the power of discovery and I always had a smile on my face when something finally worked.


KSP2 builds on many systems of the original game. Space and the planets look unbelievably beautiful. The Kerbals themselves are infused with a ton more character this time around. Their animations and facial expressions are heavily improved with each of them having distinct personalities. They also dance which is always a plus. 

KSP2 also introduces many new rocket types such as hydrogen engines and revamped ion engines for deep space travel. New terrain generation also allows for more unique and varied structures on planets and moons. These additions and more makes KSP2 a worthy addition to the franchise.


Like the first game Kerbal Space Program 2 released in Early Access. Meaning that most of the features that will be present in the final release are not present here. This makes sense as KSP1 greatly benefited from this approach but with all the groundwork covered from the first game I expected a bit of a better release state for KSP2.

Although I love the game so far, to put it frankly it does not run great. At all. During flight I averaged around 30fps with frequent drops into the 20s and even 10s. I also experienced many bugs like physics glitching out, throwing my rockets around randomly while landed. 

Many features from the first game like science and career mode have also been omitted from the game as of now leaving the game feeling like its starting from a slightly above square one. This is a shame as I expected a bit more due to the state that KSP1 is in right now and after the long development period of KSP2.

In spite of this, just when the game threatens to annoy me with its technical problems it wows me with just how fun it is. This is a strength to the core gameplay formula of KSP2. Most if not all of these bugs and performance issues will be fixed later down the road. I just hoped we would have started off on better footing.


The future for Kerbal Space Program 2 seems bright. The team at Intercept Games have provided a pretty extensive roadmap for all of the things coming. KSP2 has promised multiplayer, colony building, and interstellar travel among other things. A part of me wished that the game launched without these features as it would have surely been a knockout punch. However I am excited to tag along for the journey as I think this game has the potential to be truly next level video game.


Kerbal Space Program 2 has all of the ingredients needed for the creation of a space enthusiast’s wildest dreams. KSP2 builds on the Kerbal Franchise formula in some really exciting ways. Technical issues and important omissions weigh down this Early Release build. I am excited to follow this game as it grows but as for now I am itching to get back into the game to blast off into the stars. I will be reviewing the game again and giving out a score upon full 1.0 release. Kerbal Space Program 2 is available for Early Access on Steam at $49.99. For more game reviews and geek content stay right here on Geekwave.