Higher Society – We Happy Few Part 4

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We Happy Few Part 4

After a lovely journey through the streets of lower-class post-apocalyptic England we finally make it through to the streets of Wellington Wells and higher society. Of course, it doesn’t come without a cost, namely having to be doped up on Joy just to stay afloat. We are about to take on a whole new slew of challenges. Who knows what will happen.

We will be taking a short hiatus from We Happy Few for some October Halloween themed geeks plays, but look forward to more We Happy Few in the future. And please let us know what other games you would like to see us try out!

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Utah born and raised. Essentially an artist in some form or another since birth , though it has taken many forms over the years. Always maintained a passion for gaming which has led to the pursuit of a degree in media arts. Currently the acting Video Producer for The Geekwave.

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