Geek Out – Fan X Scavenger Hunt

Gavin Hopkins

Hey there geeks! Let’s get ready to RUMBLE as Brogan and the Video Team go head to head against Xavier and the Blog Team in the ultimate Salt Lake City FanX scavenger hunt! Who will come out victorious?

Item List:
1- A Pikachu plushie
2- A Studio Ghibli Character
3- Inflatable T – Rex Suit
4- Couples Cosplay
5- Deadpool (Free Space)
6- Contact Lenses of an Unnatural Color
7- Someone in Full Body Paint
8- A Chainsaw
9- D. Va Mech Suit
10- Baby/Toddler in Costume
11- Kratos
12- Somebody Sleeping
13- Fortnite
14- Disney Cosplay
15- Comic Con NPC