Geek Out – Thanksgiving Special

Max Hartley

Geek Out Thanksgiving Special

Tis the time of year to share food and friendship, so how might a couple geeks best celebrate the occasion? By making a bunch of geeky dishes from some of the geekiest cookbooks we could find. But alas, we had to do more. So, to make things more interesting we made seven different dishes, from deathclaw steak and gulper chowder all the way to the cake from Portal and we did it all at the same time, with a different challenge every five minutes to make things more interesting.

Some of it is a little difficult to hear so the challenges used were as follows: Using non-dominant hand, stuck working on the same thing for five minutes, no noise, linked arms, oven mitts for hands, remove someone from the kitchen – namely Kimmy – and more!

Thanks for watching and have a Happy Holiday everyone. We will see you soon!!

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