Geek This Week: March 3 – March 9


Max Hartley


It’s been another week and a whole new slew of geeky information to satiate our appetites. On this weeks episode we cover the following:

  • New season of Rainbow Six Siege.
  • The announcement of Pokemon Generation 8 and the Galar region.
  • Baptiste, the new champion in Overwatch.
  • Announcement of the Xbox One S Maverick, a digital-only console.
  • An island in Fortnite dedicated to the band ‘Weezer.’
  • Japanese robot giving Buddhist sermons.
  • Hearthstone Year of the Dragon.
  • The funding miracle that is Vox Machina’s Kickstarter project.–dragons-kickstarter-in-an-hour.html
  • Amazon Lord of the Rings series information reveals location.
  • Boring Company ‘people movers’ in Las Vegas.
  • First successful docking of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon.

Be sure to join us next week for another episode and, as always, stay geeky out there!