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Nintendo Switch Games That Didn’t Try Very Hard

Evan Amos
Nintendo Switch games that didn’t try very hard

The Nintendo Switch has taken the gaming market by storm and still is a big contender with its constant release of new games you may not be able to get anywhere else. These include non-exclusive Nintendo games unlike on previous Nintendo consoles. As well as, cross platform games from traditionally PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Imports from Japan are also an option that isn’t that hard to get without even having to live in or near Japan. 

Some of these games made for the Switch, though, haven’t been implemented well. Namely due to issues with dropping frame rates due to the lower power of the Switch. This shouldn’t be too bad if correctly adjusted for. But for the games below, this wasn’t the case. Some spent years trying. Below is a list of games that have fallen short.


“Troll and I” has so much potential for a great game like the “Last Guardian.”

“Troll and I” makes the top for worst Switch games among many reviewers. It’s a game that was advertised with a strategized co-op, great graphics, and a narrative based which lacks in options for the Switch. “Troll and I” has a mediocre story line, characters lack emotion, and the graphics had the quality of games you would likely find on the PS2. You cannot really expect much in that department when it’s made by an indie studio. The biggest complaints came with it’s glitches. Frame rates dropped intermittently to almost ten fps. 

Characters drop through floors or through water where you shouldn’t. You see things that weren’t made to be seen. Sound effects are off or used at times when it doesn’t make sense. Overall, you’re best to save your $29.99 for this game. There is more that can be said in the wake of it’s slow game play and bad sync with co-op or playing solo between the two characters. But alas, there are more like this.

WWE 2K18

It makes no sense why Yuke and 2K Games would still release a game like “WWE 2K18.” When it comes to lag, this game is a king. Even when keeping the amount of characters in the ring to a minimum, frame rate drops exponentially. “WWE 2K18” is an unplayable triple-A priced game. 


“Rime” looks so good, but fell short on the Nintendo Switch.

“Rime” was another disappointment. With it’s beautiful scenery and hyped up claims. The import to the Switch was not worth the attempt. After more than a couple years attempting, all that came for it was a glitch fest with bad optimization. “Rime” has a story that shines in meaning, but sadly fails to give the opportunity to be appreciated by Switch players. It’s best to play this game on any other platform it’s available on.


“Ark” is another muddy game import. Although, what else can be expected for a game that doesn’t make sense when starting off and constantly lags on the Xbox and PC. Even when turning off certain assets through the Switch in order to help run a game better, there was no help. Bad lighting, horrible spawn points such as appearing into areas that you wouldn’t be able to get out of, N64 equivalent graphics, and sound effects that warrant an absolute mess.


Tons of fire power from “Enter the Gungeon: Deluxe Edition” enemies that make it hard to beat with bad controls.

Lastly, “Enter the Gungeon: Deluxe Edition,” though not as bad as those above still makes this list that made an impression. Fun, cute and full of action, this game still gets a good score. The part that makes it a bad experience is intermittent long load times — even outside of the loading screens — and uncustomizable controls. One of the items allows for an explosion to clear a large area of enemies. The controls you use for using the item doesn’t seem to work, but is able to change in the controls menu. The biggest gripe is the auto locking feature which helps to lock onto enemies in order to shoot them continuously without needing to worry when you move about dodging their fires. With the auto lock action being unable to be used with its assigned control and uncustomizable, it makes the game more difficult and frustrating to even move on. 


You’re best off sticking to games with good reviews that have been out for a while. This means looking into professional critics and player reviews. If there are already successful titles, it doesn’t make sense why other studios cannot stick to a higher standard than just rushing or being lazy. It’s better to stick to games like “Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” “Voez,” “Stardew Valley,” “Resident Evil: Revelations,” “Doom,” “Skyrim,” and “Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy.”

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Nintendo Switch Games That Didn’t Try Very Hard