The Search for BNNY RBBT


Brogan Marchant, Producer


As somewhat of a music nut, I spend great amounts of time scouring the internet in search of new music and artists to listen to. It is particularly satisfying to find an obscure artist that not only has good music, but has also not yet garnered a lot of attention. It is like being one of the first few to walk through fresh snow; getting to enjoy the beauty before it becomes to frequently trodden and loses its luster. This was precisely the scenario when I happened upon the artist known as Bnny Rbbt on Spotify. I was instantly drawn to their music due to its unique style and captivating vocals and, per usual, I began to explore the artist a bit more to see what other songs/albums they might have produced over the years. This is where things began to get really interesting. Little did I know, I was about to spend hours going down a rabbit hole – pun intended – trying to find out just who Bnny Rbbt was. Here is what I found:

The First Appearance

The first sign that I had stumbled upon something more than just an unknown musician was how little concrete information I could actually find about Bnny Rbbt online. Sources have all his music listed as having been released between the years 1992 and 1996, but, upon further research, the first time any of this music was ever published online was in 2017, after a European man, who goes by the name Numero Boudreaux, claimed to have found an old bag of VHS tapes at a yard sale and began uploading videos on YouTube featuring a massive man sporting a nightmarish bunny costume in a variety of music videos.


Of course, this raised far more questions than it did answer any I had at the time. Was this Numero Boudreaux the Bnny Rbbt we were seeing in these videos? If so, why spin this whole tale about finding a bag of old VHS tapes? If all this was, indeed, from the mid 90’s, why had nobody heard of him for over twenty years? And, most importantly, what happened to him?

Tracking Him Down

My first thought after compiling all this information was that, perhaps, this whole thing was just a bout of viral marketing; an artist trying to gain publicity by non-traditional means. If this were the case, however, it was a highly inefficient method of gaining a following. As far as I am able to determine, the only internet presence Boudreaux or Bnny Rbbt has, outside of the YouTube channel, is an extremely archaic fan site used as a sort of blog by Boudreaux at which is generally used to document any “new” information regarding this mysterious figure in the form of obscure blog posts, found-footage, like personal videos ranging from the 90’s to current day, and various fan art.

I am not the only one who was confused by all these findings, either, and many have taken it upon themselves to scrutinize the different media across the web featuring Bnny Rbbt, and have come to conclusions that vary about as widely as the media themselves. Some believe that the images and videos have all been fabricated by Boudreaux and accomplices while others speak to the validity of most of the footage as being authentic and having little chance of being anything other than genuine amateur music video footage from sometime in the 90’s. Obviously, this is all speculation, but it certainly makes tracing Bnny Rbbt’s digital and physical footprints next to impossible.

Will We Ever Find Him?

Viral marketing attempt or otherwise, it has been two years and nobody seems to be any closer to figuring out who this mysterious figure is or what the reasoning is behind the sudden reveal of all this content. I suppose the only one that has the real answers to all of this is Boudreaux himself, but it is likely that the only answers we will get out of him will come trickling down through various avenues of the internet. Perhaps this sense of mystery and ambiguity is what makes this figure and his music so appealing. This is most definitely the case for someone like myself, who thrives on the discovery of obscure artists.

We may never truly know who is behind the costume, and perhaps it is for the best. This way we can appreciate the music and accompanying videos for the art they are, with Bnny Rbbt as merely an extension of the message they convey. Feel free to do some digging of your own. Who knows, maybe you will be the one to crack the case. If not, you are sure to find some great tunes on the way.