Norse Characters God Of War: Ragnarok Should Have

God of War (2018) Spoilers! This article won’t include Norse gods and creatures that have already been foreshadowed to be in the next game.


Caroline Henry

With God of War (2018), Santa Monica Studio amazed us with huge (literally) and engaging characters like Baldur and the World Serpent. They brought us into the world of Norse Mythology. We can only imagine what new Norse characters the next game, God of War: Ragnarӧk, will bring. So, I thought I’d make a list of characters I wish to see. Here are the Gods and creatures I hope will be present in God of War: Ragnarӧk.



“The Binding of Fenris” by Dorothy Hardy (1909)

Fenrir is my favorite Norse mythological creature. He is a gigantic wolf and the son of Loki and Angrbooa, the mother of monsters. I love the idea of a huge, menacing wolf walking around during my gameplay. It would be absolutely stunning. Fighting such a giant would give anyone a rush of adrenaline. The best thing is that Fenrir has a large role in Norse’s Ragnarӧk, killing Odin himself. This makes his inclusion more likely. I would love to see that battle upfront or going on in the background as I progress through the game.

The only thing that would prevent Fenrir from being in the game is that he’s the son of Loki, and, as the ending of God of War (2018) revealed, Atreus is Loki. His existence brings into question how accurate they can be to Norse mythology. Will Fenrir still be Loki’s son in GOW: Ragnarӧk? Will that part of his mythology be ignored? How much time has passed between GOW (2018) and GOW: Ragnarӧk? I’m usually a stickler about mythological accuracy, but, for this, I just want my big wolf in the game!



When someone mentions Norse Mythology, Odin is a big figure that comes to mind. That’s why I was surprised about his lack of appearance in GOW (2018). I assume that he will show up in GOW: Ragnarӧk since there were so many plot threads in the previous game that mentioned him by name like Freya’s banishment and Tyr’s hatred.

This may sound dull, but I would prefer him to be a character you couldn’t fight immediately. In Norse Mythology, Odin is killed by Fenrir. It would be better if Odin indirectly faced the protagonist(s) until near the end of the game. We feel his presence but don’t know where he is until the end of the game. This is just me though. Odin may have a bigger presence in GOW: Ragnarӧk and function more like Zeus in GOW3–a looming threat.


“Hermod before Hela” by John Charles Dollman (1909)


Hel is another child of Loki, which could cause her lack of appearance, and Angrbooa. She is the patron of Hel, located in Niflheim, the realm of ice. What makes her so interesting is that she is half flesh and bones and half blue. It’s an interesting sight. I imagine her trying to trap Kratos there, considering he’s escaped the Greek version of Hel, Hades. She would act as a roadblock.

While she doesn’t have an outright role in Norse’s Ragnarӧk, her abode is where the dead go. GOW: Ragnarӧk could expand on Niflheim’s appearance by sending the protagonist(s) to Hel to save the soul of/gain information from someone that will aid them with Ragnarok. I feel like the realm of the dead would be an important plot point again like Kratos’ visions of Zeus in GOW (2018). Hel also holds Baldur in her abode, so that could be explored too.



When I first saw Týr’s puzzles in GOW (2018), I was hooked on wanting to know more about him. He did so much secret stuff behind Odin’s back like hiding the gate to Jötunheim. I hope we’ll get to meet him in GOW: Ragnarӧk. Tyr’s peaceful ideology would fit perfectly in the chaos of Ragnarӧk. He could either help the protagonists stop it (if this is the goal of the game) or abandon the gods and try to protect the humans from the war’s destruction. His fate is unknown, so I hope he isn’t dead.


“Heimdal” by J. T. Lundbye (1907) (P. Johansen)


Heimdallr is the watchman that alerts others in Asgard of Ragnarӧk. It’s a vital role that raises my suspicions of him being in the game. Who else would start Ragnarӧk?

If the protagonist(s) ever want to get into Asgard to face Odin, Heimdallr would be a great boss or mini-boss. No magic, just a one-vs-one against a man with heightened senses. It would be a great break from routined mythical fights. He also faces Loki in Ragnarӧk, so Atreus/Loki could meet his match.



We all know that Freya is seeking revenge for Baldur’s death, but what about his father, Odin? Does he care? Well, that’s where Váli could come in. He’s the son of Odin and Rindr, a giantess, and was created specifically to avenge Baldur’s death. This would be a great addition to give Odin some characteristics as he was pretty much absent in the events of GOW (2018). He could react to Kratos and Atreus’ actions through Váli, showing that he cared for Baldur too. Váli could be a recurring villain throughout the game that acts more like a threatening figure than a boss battle. I say this because I assume Thor would be a recurring villain to battle like Baldur. Váli could still have a boss battle after the encounters though, whether staged or a secret. He would give the extra push that Odin disapproves of Kratos and Atreus killing Norse gods.


“The Giant with the Flaming Sword” by John Charles Dollman (1909)

Honorable Mentions

Ymir – The return of Ymir, the primordial frost jotunn and first being, would show how destructive and important Ragnarӧk is. Since his flesh and blood formed the Earth, he could move earthly things to help the protagonist(s).

Surtr – Imagine an army of fire led by a jotunn with a flaming sword making its way across Midgard, bringing the end of the world with it. Yep, that’s Surtr’s role in Norse Mythology’s Ragnarӧk. Personally, he’d be perfect as a looming spectacle of what’s coming.

Skӧll and Hati – These giant wolves, who eat the sun and moon respectively to signal Ragnarok, would be mesmerizing mini-bosses. After all, Odin was the one who set them loose to fulfill their destinies.


God of War’s Ragnarӧk won’t happen exactly as it did in Norse Mythology, but I still think these gods and creatures would be perfect for the game. They either provide more context that God of War (2018) didn’t mention or fit in a mythological sense. Plus, it would be amazing to see Santa Monica Studio’s versions of these characters. I’m still hyped for God of War: Ragnarӧk’s release no matter who’s in the game.