Thoughts on: Sphere – Flying Cities

Samuel Onwukeme

Sphere – Flying Cities is a sci-fi city builder which combines strategy, simulation, and survival elements in an extraordinary and immersive scenario. Rebuild and protect a society in a unique and hostile environment. Pay the price for your decisions and be prepared to lose everything.” – Assemble Entertainment.


Sphere – Flying Cities just hit an early development release on Steam and this game caught my eye. Now, I’m not a huge fan of city builders though I had my fun with games like Clash of Clans or Sims, other city builders were just not it for me. Maybe it was all the mobile ads, or me not having the patience to build things but not wanting to spend money to make things build faster. The big reason Sphere – Flying Cities got my attention was the setting, you don’t see many City Builders taking place in space, and at that, not even on a planet but on what looks like an asteroid! What’s unique is it only has room for one city, so no neighboring city to check on or enemies marching onto your territory. Also rather than enemies I like how catastrophes were integrated into the game through, Meteor Showers, Dust Storms, Gas Storms. It adds another layer of action to keep players immersed and engaged with the safety of their city. I see Sphere performing with a satisfactory rating at the moment, though the key feature of catastrophes did manage to catch my eye, I don’t think those qualities are enough to match them up against other big-name city builders and other upcoming competitors. 

The game has not been released yet, the release is set to be in Fall this year so there might be a chance that going down the road more outstanding features might be added, and then we can truly get the full effect of a ‘different’ city builder.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a city builder that is in a similar vein to Sphere, check out Frostpunk! It’s available on Steam right now.

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